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One boy’s journey of self-discovery amidst troubles in Middle East highlights cyclical nature of conflict

“Gray Wolves and White Doves” by John D. Balian, MD showcases the struggles of growing up in the middle of today’s constant turmoil

PRINCETON, N.J. – John D. Balian, MD has lived in the locales of “Gray Wolves and White Doves” (ISBN 1439267618), and has witnessed how political and social upheavals have plagued the Middle East. He believes that his unique and timeless story of good versus evil and the perseverance of the underdog will attract a male audience interested in culture, history and politics.

Growing up in a remote Turkish village, Hanna’s days are filled with adventure and his father’s tales of wonder. But when nighttime falls, Hannah keeps watch with his mother as his father and other villagers protect their families and homes from brigands. Hanna can’t imagine life any differently until tragedy strikes and the life he’s known and loved abruptly ends. With his family separated and hopes and dreams of the future dashed, Hanna finds refuge in a seminary in Jerusalem.

Now known as Jonah, he cherishes his heritage and newfound identity. Jonah thinks he has finally found a substitute for his loving family and home until he is in the middle of the Holy City’s unholy wars. After barely escaping the feared Turkish secret service, he travels foreign lands as a fugitive before being offered a tempting companionship with a secret group. With the idea of time in a Turkish prison sitting in the back of his mind, Jonah must choose between abandoning his principles to carry out a barbaric, revengeful mission or follow a new path towards the New World.

“This novel is the story of a child’s search for his self in the middle of the feuds and turmoil of the ever-changing world we live in,” Balian said.

Balian hopes that his novel will enlighten readers on the never ending cycle of conflict as seen in the abundance of international clashes in news headlines. With this novel, he intends to offer readers a unique perspective of the experiences many are facing while living in the Middle East.

“Gray Wolves and White Doves” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author:

John D. Balian, MD was born in a small village in Anatolia, Turkey and grew up in several Middle Eastern and European countries prior to his emigration to the United States. He is a graduate of Columbia University and Tufts University School of Medicine, and a senior executive of a United States-based global corporation. “Gray Wolves and White Doves” is his first novel.

John D. Balian, MD