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This unique novel is a riveting story of true life with a panorama of colorful characters, exotic locales, and situations that jar the senses. The engaging style and effortless writing vividly illustrate how complex societal and religious rivalries, shifting alliances, and sinister deeds are woven into modern-day experiences. This book is an object lesson for those who would lose hope in the face of adversity. Never give in, never give up -- Everything is possible.

Whether it is the bombing of the airport in Moscow, the ascendancy of Turkey in the Middle East, the attack of Israeli troops on a flotilla of Turkish ships approaching Gaza, the arrest of journalists in Turkey, the brutal crackdown in Libya, the Sudan Genocide, the turmoil in Egypt, the Palestinian/Israeli conflict, or the simmering conflicts in the Caucasus region of the former Soviet Union, this novel educates and sheds a light on these protracted and never ending cycles of conflict.


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